Security doors, fire doors NEXT

We offer high quality doors - security doors, additional doors and fire doors for the security of your flat, firm, or another object.

Our front door is the third security and 4 class, and meet high standards for fire resistance and heat - sound insulation. Pay attention to the aesthetics of our products. Door Company NEXT to surfaces of solid wood, veneer or laminate. The number of possible combinations of colors, staining, wood species, veneer, design, etc. that can make your security doors have reached tens of thousands.

All doors supplied by us are made to measure directly to your needs - of course, keeping all the certificates and attestations that must have a security door. The safety door frame, and we also offer all the accessories - such as doors hardware. For more information on security doors, see the security door.

Security films and automotive films

  • The security films on the glass acts as a mechanical barrier to prevent glass breakage. Slow down the process a thief in your house, throwing stones and prevent accidental spillage and breakage of glass.
  • Automotive films on the car windows to help reduce the overheating of the interior of your car, increase privacy and security of the vehicle. Films on the car windows are available in various colors to illustrate the perfect look of your car.
  • If you use your building to our solar films on the glass, not only save energy but also increase his own.

Security grills for windows, doors and passages ...

These traditional types of security systems we install according to client wishes and insurance requirements as fixed grills, folding bars and rolling shutters.

  • Fixed security grills for windows and doors we produce as tailor-made and according to client wishes.
  • Folding security bars have the special advantage, that if it is closed it is secure and if it is open there is a clear unobstructed view.
  • Security Rolling shutters we install in many fasades with manual and motorized control. It is ideal solutions for shops and passages.

Electronic security systems, camera systems - CCTV, fire alarm-systems

Our company offers not only passive security systems but also active Electronic security systems.

  • Our Electronic security systems secure not only unauthorized access, but also can signal fire and gas leaks
  • Fire alarm-systems are an integral part of modern structures. We offer complete solutions with user friendly controls, it combines more types of detectors.
  • For monitoring we install camera systems - CCTV. These have Colour display, black-and-white in poor lighting conditions and digital recording with possibility to check by internet. Transmitions of view camera systems can be from the local network or from the internet.

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