Security grills


Fixed grills – always meet insurers’ requirements

This traditional form of protecting windows provides you with maximum security for minimum costs. It is very suitable particularly for securing basement windows, skylights, rear wings of buildings and balconies. In the case of insuring buildings, it is suitable for meeting insurance companies’ security-grill requirements.

Folding grills - security without blocking the view

Very high-quality method of protecting doors and windows that eliminates the only disadvantage of fixed grills, which is that they cannot be opened. Therefore, folding grills can also be used to secure doorways. If you need to secure windows or doors in a family house, shop, warehouse or other commercial building, folding grills are the right choice for both exterior and interior use.

Rolling shutters - secure and elegant

Rolling shutters are intended primarily for commercial buildings and offer an optimum form of security for shop windows, business, entrances and passageways. Besides security, these high-quality shutters often serve an aesthetic function while being easy and convenient to operate.