Security films


You need... !

  • Protection against theft
  • Reduction of summer heat
  • Savings on heating in winter (up to 30%)
  • Restriction of UV light penetration (up 99.5%)
  • Improvement of your building’s appearance (coloured glass, uniform appearance of windows)
  • Reduction of glare
  • Protection of interiors and furniture against fading
  • Privacy
  • Protection against injury from broken glass

We offer solutions to meet all of these needs with the highest-quality certified films!

And we’ll clean your windows free of charge!

Glass with a suitable security film installed serves as a form of mechanical defence that protects against theft, slows the progress of intruders into a building and limits damage caused by foreign objects such as rocks, cobblestones, and even fragmentation grenades. Glass with security film also protects against the effects of shockwaves in the case of an explosion.

Colour reflective and non-reflective films serve to protect against transfer of thermal energy by glass surfaces, i.e. in summer such films prevent overheating of interiors and act as passive air-conditioning; in winter they save energy by conserving heat.

A very positive aspect of all films is protection against shattering if glass is broken, in which case only cracks appear and any shards adhere to the film. As a result, there is no threat of shattering or injury to persons caused by broken glass.

Because they are heat resistant, films slow the spread of fire and thus have a self-extinguishing effect. Ordinary glazed surfaces quickly shatter, leading to drafts that promote fire.

Another outstanding property of window films is restriction of up to 99% of UV radiation, which causes significant financial damage to goods in shops and fading of interiors, textiles, furniture and carpets in homes and offices. However, not only UV radiation causes fading. It can also be caused by intense light, high temperature, humidity, the structure of materials, and the quality of paint or dyes.