How to order

1. Contact us!

City Telephone Nonstop E-mail Address Order a free visit
PRAHA +420 224 816 458
+420 777 335 878
+420 602 335 878 Pobřežní 8, Praha 8  
BRNO +420 543 216 616 +420 777 717 371 Mlýnská 9a, Brno
OSTRAVA +420 596 139 106 +420 777 271 400 Slévárenská 22, Ostrava
HRADEC KRÁLOVÉ +420 495 518 719 +420 777 250 018 Foerstrova 1682/3a, Hradec Králové
PLZEŇ +420 377 226 352 +420 777 652 588 Koperníkova 25, Plzeň
BRATISLAVA +421 243 191 626 +421 918 723 148 Galvaniho 15/A, Bratislava  

Set up a free, no-obligation visit from one of our security technicians!

2. Choose your security

At your place

vyberte-si-bezpeci-th.jpgA visit by one of our security technicians is completely free of charge. You can make your selection in the comfort of your own home where you can consult with those closest to you. At the same time we will perform an evaluation focused on door openings so that our offer is precise and final. Our technician will then submit the exact technical specifications and price calculation.

At our place

Our experienced employees will be pleased to familiarise you with all aspects of high-quality security. You can have a look at and select the most suitable type of security doors, security cylinders, hardware and other accessories. At the same time, you can choose the type and colour of the wooden door surface.

However, in most cases we can determine the precise technical specifications only on your premises. It is necessary not only to precisely measure doors, windows and their surroundings, but also to make an assessment from the perspective of the utilised materials and their technical condition.

objednani-th.jpg3. Ordering

Upon your approval of the technical specifications and price calculation, our technician will sign with you an agreement on work. Because your door or window grill will be custom made and thus only usable by you, it is necessary to pay to the technician a deposit in the amount of 60% of the order price.

4. Implementation

1. In the date of installation we will deliver to you the ordered security door and accessories within the contractually agreed time period. In light of the fact that each team of installers performs several complicated installations daily and with regard to the complicated nature of transport, particularly in Prague, a two-hour interval always applies for the beginning of installation.

realizace-th.jpg2. We need only your minimal assistance during installation (220V power outlet and water).

3. You will receive a sealed package containing the cylinder, ordered number of keys and a security card. It is necessary to lend one key to the installers for installation of the cylinder. Carefully store the security card in case it becomes necessary to produce additional keys.

4. Vacuuming is performed to remove the maximum amount of dust created during work.

5. After installation is complete, our installers will clean the space where they worked.

6. The usual installation times are as follow:

  • SD 3 door (4 hours)
  • SD 101, 111 (3 hours)
  • SD 102, 121 (2 ours)
  • Setting of doorframe (3 hours)
  • Installation and adjustment of counter-doorframe (1 hour)predani-th.jpg

5. Handover

After installation is complete, our installers will give you an invoice, warrantee certificate, handover protocol, and receipt for payment. They will then receive from you payment for the remaining price of the order.

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